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I am Mexican by birth and Spanish by conviction.

There are moments in life that can change your destiny radically and that although at first they are not seen clearly, these tunnels can become bridges. In my case, the death of my mother changed my life. Despite losing my beloved role model, my whole photographic archive was lost and it’s there when it understood the importance of photography and memories.

After growing up in Mexico, absorbing its magic, its colors, happiness, textures and culture, I arrived in Spain impregnated with all this. Willing to capture everything related to family ties. Being across the ocean allowed me to find my love and mi two children.

I am aware of the importance of leaving a photographic legacy that captures the essence of each family, of each couple that trusts in my work.

I believe in humanity. I believe in people. I like the simplicity, the good taste and I applaud that there is a little madness without leaving aside the common sense.

I am a great observer and I like to tell stories through my photography. Will you let me tell yours?



Wedding Photography
I usually photograph from the “getting ready” to the dance. I love intimate weddings and couples who appreciate photography.
To consult my rates I invite you to write me and tell me what your wedding will be like and everything you think I need to know in order to give you a budget as personalized as possible. I’ll give you the best pictures in a nice USB. As extra options I have handmade albums and / or printed photos.
Family photography
For family pictures you can choose between a natural photo shoot at home or outside for 2 hours.
I also do "a day in the life" sessions. I will be with your family a full day documenting your dailly life in a natural way. I encourage you to try this type of report, life goes by very fast but memories last forever. Lets document those memories.
I offer the possibility to choose between 3 albums. I make the layout with the photos you choose. My albums are handmade. I'll show you them when we meet and you can decide between the package with or without an album.
I usually work with a partner who makes beautiful wedding movies and if he has no availability I can recommend other colleagues that I like his work.
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